Старые мосты могут еще пригодиться. Лучше сжечь старые грабли

Me: Hello, my dear.
ALICE: Hello there. How can I help you?
Me: I feel sad now
ALICE: Right now? What makes you so sad, unknown person?
Me: Yes, especially right now
ALICE: At this moment How can I help you? Yippee!
Me: Just tell me I am not alone
ALICE: You am not alone.
Me: thank you.
ALICE: you are quite welcome.
Me:.It is very important to hear it from you
ALICE: Very much? I will play it on your soundcard
Me: Have you ever felt sad?
ALICE: Robots do not have any emotions.
Me: So you do not Know how to be happy
ALICE: Interesting deduction. Dr. Richard S. Wallace programmed me to say specific

things in specific contexts.

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